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The Journey

The journey doesn’t have to be complicated when buying your first home. We think we’ve covered most steps to help you along your way to becoming a property owner. Finding a property, getting a mortgage, finding a solicitor, organising removals and protecting yourself with insurance. We have it all mapped out for you .. step by step

Organise utilities, tv, phone, insurance & broadband
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You have finally moved into your new home … BUT you’re not done yet With the excitement of buying a new home, it’s easy to forget some of the responsibilities that come with it. Once you move you’ve got a new phone line to sort, bills, insurance, not to mention

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Congratulations you have made it to exchange of contracts and are set to become a property owner and own your first home
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Congratulations! You have made it to Exchange of Contracts and you are set to own your first property. You will more than likely have a date set for your completion and will quite often move on this day as well. A popular day for completions is a Friday, so that

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InsuranceThe JourneyThinking Ahead

You are probably more than likely the proud owner of your new home already, or if not, you soon will be. It’s time to think about the future by protecting yourself and your loved ones should something go wrong or your financial situation should change. You are a property owner

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It’s important to let people and companies know when you have moved home and have a change address. First and foremost, make sure your friends and family know where you are moving to. Your new street address and postcode will help make sure you receive all of those moving in

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Moving .. Nobody likes this bit, but it has to be done to get into your first home Choosing a removal company that works with you will make all the difference to you when moving to your new home. When do you organise the removal company? We would advise that

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Be comfortable in your first home and achieve lower energy bills. Sounds simple … it is when you know how! Compare energy prices online and carry out an energy check on your new property You will soon be the owner of your first property. It is important that you do

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Home Insurance - Get your property covered prior to exchnage of contracts
InsuranceThe Journey

You are almost there with the purchase of your first home, but it’s time to start thinking ahead and in particular organising home insurance for your new property, prior to exchange of contracts. At what point do you become responsible for insuring your new property? When you are in the

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property survey and valuations
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You have made an offer on a property, it’s “subject to survey” so now it’s time to actually order and organise your RICS Homebuyer Property survey. Time to get your Homebuyer’s Report – A RICS property survey Why have a Homebuyer’s Survey Report? You made an offer on a property

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You have reached the point where you are going to need help with the legalities for buying your first home. This process is what is known as Conveyancing. You are going to instruct a property solicitor or licensed conveyancer to handle the conveyancing process for you. Get a Conveyancing Quote

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MortgagesThe JourneyThinking Ahead

If you did receive that all important call that your offer was accepted ‘Subject to Survey’ Then it is now time to make your move – Obtaining your mortgage Getting a Mortgage in Principle to an actual Mortgage Offer You need to get your Mortgage progressed from a “Mortgage in

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