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Without finding the right property for you, you are not going to be a First Time Buyer! Make sure you do your research and use some of the best online property portals available in the UK when hunting for your new home

How and when to haggle for buying your first property
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The Question …. The Answer …. Hi Sara & Rob, The good thing is you’ve found a property that you like, that’s the first hurdle! Buying your very first home can be extremely exciting and also a huge learning curve. The process of buying a home can include a number

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Young and Single - Is Shared Ownership the only option on to the UK property market?
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As property prices increase, young single buyers are being priced out of the market. With just their income to rely on, they know they are perfectly capable of keeping up mortgage repayments but lenders are unlikely to offer them anything close to the asking price of the properties that peak

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Ten Tools a First Time Buyer must Own
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When you become a homeowner, you can no longer count on the landlord to make quick-fixes for you. Sure, you can call in the professionals to fit stylish roof windows or lay hardwood flooring, but it is well-worth accumulating accessories and getting a toolbox started for the much more basic

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Essential Tips and Advice for Getting on the Propery Ladder
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Making the move from renter to home owner is a milestone that many people dream of reaching. There are a few common life events that prompt renters to start thinking about buying their first home. For many people, the hope of saving for a deposit is too difficult, so they

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property survey and valuations
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The Question …. The Answer …. Hi Steve … Thank you for your question. This is quite a common question asked by both first-time buyers and those experienced with the ins and outs of the residential property market. In short, and I cannot emphasise this enough, a valuation is not

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The First Time Buyer - Jargon Buster
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The Question …. The Answer …. Hi Dominic … Thank you for your question. It’s actually a very popular topic of conversation and one that is not often very clear for first time buyers. In short the answer to your question is NO. You DO NOT have to use the

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Charters Wharf CGI from Family Mosaic
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What is Shared Ownership? Shared Ownership is a Government-backed scheme provided by Housing Associations and aimed at first time buyers who want to get a step onto the property ladder. Launched in April 2006, it aims to help first time buyers who would not be able to afford to buy

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The First Time Buyer show - Autumn 2015
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The First Time Buyer Home Show – Autumn 2015 is a one-stop shop to help first time buyers buy their dream home and step on the property ladder. Produced by First Time Buyer magazine, exhibitors include property developers, housing associations, solicitors, financial advisors, mortgage consultants and interior experts. What’s included

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The UK ogvernment 2015 budget for first time property buyers
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Yesterday the UK Chancellor George Osbourne, announced his government’s budget for the upcoming tax year for 2015 / 2016. What’s in it for first time property buyers in the UK? The Budget 2015 and the first time buyer property market The UK government has pledged to help first time buyers

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Stamp Duty SDLT - Property Purchase Tax in the UK
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When you buy a property in the UK, that transaction can be subject to a tax from the UK Government. The tax is based on the property purchase price and is commonly known as Stamp Duty or Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). It is applicable to all purchases of houses,

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