Be comfortable in your first home and achieve lower energy bills. Sounds simple … it is when you know how!

Compare energy prices online and carry out an energy check on your new property

You will soon be the owner of your first property. It is important that you do all that you can to save energy. We help you by providing 4 important helpful hints.

Compare Energy Suppliers Online Now

Simply enter a few details below and instantly compare online energy suppliers for your new home online now.

Compare Energy Prices NOW!

Compare and save on your energy supply

Using some of these suggested websites and companies, you can quickly and easily compare prices for gas and electricity, but also switch your service online.

Compare and save money on your energy supplier by using Instantly compare prices for your electricity and gas supply to your new home. Save time and money by using - Compare and save money on your gas and electricity bills for your first home

Go direct to suppliers for some of the best energy tariffs

Quite often by going direct to a new energy supplier or switching energy directly with a new supplier, you can receive added benefits, rewards and bonuses. Take a look at a few of the suppliers below and see if they can save you money on your gas and electricity bills.

SSE Energy-  Gas and Electricity for your home
SSE is one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK, supplying over 10 million customers with gas and electricity in their homes. All of their call centres are based in the UK which is great for customer service. Save money and get a quote from SSE for your gas and electricity supply.SSE Energy UK
M&S Energy - Switch your Gas and Electricity for M&S Rewards today
Trust M&S Energy to look after your gas and electricity supply for your first home. A great trusted brand working with SSE (SSE Energy Supply Limited) to provide fair and competitive energy tariffs for your home. Receive up to £200 of M&S rewards when you switch or organise your energy with M&S Energy today. M&S Energy - A brand you can trust with your gas and electricity

Smart Meters and monitoring your energy usage

In order to save money on your gas and electricity, it is important you know how much you are using and exactly what is using the supply. Using a smart meter, you can begin to understand your usage levels and how you can cut certain appliances or activities to save money.

Smart Energy GB - Smart Energy Gas and Electricity Meters
Smart Energy GB are involved in the national rollout of smart energy meters throughout the UK. A smart energy meter can help you save money on your gas and electricity bill by monitoring your usage in your new home and showing you where you can make cuts and savings. It is an optional programme, but every home will be offered a smart energy meter between now and 2020. It will help you take charge of your energy usage.

A few energy saving tips

  • The lower the temperature of your thermostat the more you save
  • Brush your teeth – but turn the tap off until you are ready to rinse
  • Draught exclude the letterbox
  • See if your windows or doors are letting a draught in – Consider double glazing.
  • Consider using LED lighting
  • Is your loft or new home insulated? – Consider looking into new loft insulation or cavity wall insulation. Most energy suppliers can arrange this for you.
EnergyBulbs - Save money on your electricity with efficient LED lighting
Energy saving light bulbs and electrical goods from A great selection of energy efficient lighting solutions for your home. Outdoor, Indoor, Sensor lights and more. Save 5% off of your order when you visit their website from First Time Buyer and signup to their email - Save money and energy in your home with efficient lighting and energy saving LED bulbs and electrical goods
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