As a first time buyer, it’s obvious you are going to have questions at certain stages of the property buying process. Sometimes it’s a fairly straight forward question that you need answering, but other times you cannot be sure and cannot rely on everything you read or hear.

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Conveyancing Lender Panel Solicitors
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The Question …. The Answer …. Hi Hatty, Thank you for your question. This is actually a great question and one I’m glad you have asked. It is not widely publicised or talked about when buying a property, but essentially your lender or mortgage provider also needs legal representation as

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How and when to haggle for buying your first property
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The Question …. The Answer …. Hi Sara & Rob, The good thing is you’ve found a property that you like, that’s the first hurdle! Buying your very first home can be extremely exciting and also a huge learning curve. The process of buying a home can include a number

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How much does a Removal Cost in London
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The Question …. The Answer …. Hi Kayleigh … Thank you for your enquiry and question regarding moving home in and around London. If you will be moving house in London then you may be wondering what the removal service is going to cost you. Many would assume that the

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