Instruct, Insure and protect your move FIRST with Abortive Insurance

By now your offer has been accepted on your potential new property and you can now begin to think about the things you are going to need to do to actually purchase that property and become a home owner. This is where you are going to start to spend some of your money and savings on services and advice from property industry professionals such as mortgage advisers, conveyancing solicitors and chartered surveyors. This is great BUT …

  • What if things go wrong?
  • What if your seller decides not to sell their property to you?
  • What if you cannot secure the mortgage you require?
  • What if the property has structural or survey related problems?

Well it’s quite simple. YOU LOSE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! and you have to start the process again.

This usually means paying for mortgage application fees, survey fees, disbursements, legal fees all over again. This can become very costly and actually becomes very disheartening.

What if there was an insurance policy that can cover you for your fees, should things go wrong?

Well luckily for YOU, the First Time Buyer has an excellent relationship with an insurance provider so that you can protect your purchase costs and fees from today should things go a little bit pear shaped.

You might be thinking

“I haven’t even had a mortgage in principle or been approved for a mortgage yet, so why do I need to get abortive protection and conveyancing now?”

Quite simply, the next step of obtaining a mortgage is going to cost you money. Most mortgage advisers, banks and building societies are going to charge you a mortgage arrangement fee. If you have the cover from day one and have a solicitor instructed, contracted and ready using The Conveyancing Network, then you are protected if anything were to go wrong!

Find a Licensed Conveyancer or Solicitor that you can instruct now and get this added peace of mind and protection

Simply enter a few details below and obtain an instant quote for your conveyancing

We have further information and a new policy coming soon. In the meantime if you need a conveyancing solicitor, you can compare quotes online now.

Why should I have the abortive insurance and what does this policy cover?

With this policy you have cover for the following incurred expenses:

  • Mortgage Arrangement Fees
  • Lender Fees
  • Valuation Report
  • Survey Fees
  • Legal Fees (Your Solicitor or Conveyancer)
  • Disbursements (ID Checks, Bankruptcy Searches, Property Searches, Land Registry Fees etc.)

The financials .. How much does it cost and what does the policy cover?

Once your policy is ordered and in place, it will allow your solicitor or conveyancer to make a claim on your behalf, up to the value of £1500.00.

The Assured Conveyancing pack provides cover in the event of transactions failing to complete due to:

  • The vendor withdrawing the property from the market.
  • Unforeseen Illness
  • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Structural defects to the property leading to a revised valuation at least 10% below the purchase price
  • Adverse legal searches

You take out the insurance with your Mortgage Adviser or with your Conveyancer.

Instruct – Insure and Protect

In Summary ..

You can look forward to making decisions about your new home without the worry of being out of pocket if your property transaction fails through no fault of your own.

Your professional buying team of experts have their costs covered and they look forward to retaining you the first time buyer as a long term client. Abortive insurance supports all and makes it easy to move forward when property transactions fail.

Abortive insurance gives you peace of mind. Make your move and insure.
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