You have reached the point where you are going to need help with the legalities for buying your first home. This process is what is known as Conveyancing. You are going to instruct a property solicitor or licensed conveyancer to handle the conveyancing process for you.

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Four good reasons to use a legal professional who understands the complex property conveyancing process

  1. You must be the Legal owner of your new home
  2. Numerous legal documents need to be prepared, executed and verified
  3. You want appropriate searches and inquiries made on the property
  4. Large sums of money need to be coordinated and settlement statements produced

The ideal scenario is that you find a competitive conveyancer or property solicitor that takes the strain and gets to exchange and completion within your time frame. This is your first property and the faster you move in the more rent you can save. You want timely updates and when you have questions you want answers.

Conveyancing is a complex process where shortcuts rarely exist. A systematic approach is used by the best conveyancers and solicitors.

What do you look for when you search for your Conveyancer?

It’s a commonly asked question and one that has been answered by our “ask the experts” “what to look out for when comparing conveyancing quotes”, but there are three vital things you want …

  1. You want a fixed price for your conveyancing so that you can compare quotes accurately.
  2. You want to understand what the quote covers and what extra costs could be involved.
  3. You want to be able to communicate with the conveyancer on a need to basis.

You will find many conveyancing quote comparison sites on the internet that claim to have the best quotes, but very few allow you to compare comparable costs.

The only way you can compare is when a solicitors cost base of disbursements is fixed and not dependent on location.

The legal fees for conveyancing are based around certain questions such as, is your property a leasehold? The more complex the process of conveyancing the higher the legal fees will be.

Why discuss your quote with your chosen Conveyancer?

You use the call back feature and arrange for your chosen Conveyancer to call you before you instruct. You can discuss your quote and the Conveyancer can then confirm that the quote covers the work involved. When you are happy, you can then instruct.

From Instruction to Completion

Once you have instructed your Conveyancer you then may have questions that only come about once your transaction is in progress. With The Conveyancing Network first time buyer nationwide solicitor panel, you can click a call back for a time that suits you. We know the importance of getting through to your Conveyancer and this simple step approach makes it easy for you to get in touch.

We help you to

  1. Compare competitive quotes covering both service and price
  2. Get a call from your conveyancer at a time that suits you to discuss your quote
  3. Keep in touch with your conveyancer throughout the property transaction.

You can now look forward to your property legals being handled by professionals that value both service and price.

Conveyancing made easy for you.

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