Starter Homes Scheme For First Time Buyers

What is the starter home scheme?

It is a UK Government backed scheme that offers a 20% discount on new build homes from developers purely for first time buyers.

Are you eligible for a Starter Home?

If you are under 40 and a first time buyer then this could be the scheme for you.

You have the potential to be gifted 20% of the value.

Your Obligation – You cannot sell the property that you have bought for full market price for 5 years.

How can Developers and Home Builders provide such a discount?

It is simple really, If developers are supported in their build costs then the selling price of a property can come down.

The UK Government wins as follows :-

  • An increase in New build developments to meet demand.
  • A solution that is tailored to drive the economy as more materials and labour will be required.
  • Less benefits will be paid out as unemployment will fall.
  • Locations that are suitable to support the demand can be prioritised.

What sounded to be an expensive solution to help first time buyers, is a well thought out plan from the government, where everyone wins.

Register your interest in the Starter Homes Scheme

Get yourself registered for the scheme online at

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