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I have managed to save up quite a bit of money now, but I’m not sure it’s enough as a deposit for me to buy an apartment that I have seen for sale. I have £10,000 saved and the property is for sale for £156,000. Is this enough? How much deposit do I need to buy this property?
— Heidi from Dover, Kent

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The general rule of thumb for a deposit when buying a property …

Heidi, the general rule when buying a property, is the bigger the deposit the better – simply because you will get a lower interest rate and a greater range of mortgage products available to you. However, you should be able to secure a mortgage with a deposit as little as 5% of the purchase price E.g.

The property is for sale at £156,000 you will need a minimum of £7,800 (5% of the purchase price) to put down as your deposit. Therefore if you have £10,000 saved already, then you will have enough deposit for a 95% LTV (Loan to Value) mortgage!

There is however, a greater choice of mortgage available if you can obtain a 10% deposit (in your case £15,600)though, and the underwriting is sometimes a little less strict.

There are some specialist schemes where a mortgage lender will use a parent or grandparents property as security instead of you putting down a cash deposit – these are not very common though, and are a bit more complex than a standard mortgage. Your parents or grandparents would need to seek independent legal advice too as they would be securing borrowing against their home as well as your own.

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